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Updated 06.04.16

Welcome to Domo DJ, my first attempt at making an MP3 rotation site. I'm not a big fan of MP3 rotation sites, because usually they feature music that I don't like, so I decided to start my own in the hopes of filling a niche that the rest of you, similar to me, may be in. Anyway, the usual rules apply here. The files offered are seriously for evaluation purposes, because most of the music I'm posting is underground hip-hop, or music from a different language (may or may not be underground). For those unfamiliar with these genres/languages, I strongly urge you to check them out. Who knows, maybe you'll like them and support them in the future? Worst case scenario: you'll become a bit more cultured and have broadened your music tastes. Note that the songs are taken down after a new update, but recommendations are still archived in case you would like to see what I recommended in the past. To download, right click the link and choose "Save As" or whatever it says in your browser.

Also, many of the visitors to this site have ended up here looking for lyrics to songs I've put up in the past. That is, if you're looking for Nujabes, Looptroop, Shing02, or other lyrics from other Hip Hop artist lyrics that were previously featured on this site, please check out Buzzstyle. I've started updating it again, so it may have what you're looking for. :)

Important note: Many of you have been linking songs directly to this site (which is fine by me), but if you do, please provide a link somewhere on your site or something saying where you got it from (If you'd like, you can use the picture on the Contact page - that'd be even better :D); it's the least you could do, and I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Weekly Note: I have a special treat for you all this time! It's a mixtape, not by me, but by Monolithic (Monorisiku in Japanese = Monorisick = Monolithic) from Hyde Out Productions. I've been listening to it all the time lately, and I think you'd all like it too. It's in two separate files (A side and B side), so you can't pick out individual songs (also, they're in zips so you can't direct stream). If I could, I would've broken it down and picked out the best songs (such as Desert Sands by Street Report and Live in Copenhagen by Dilated Peoples), but I can't ;(. So I'll let you have the fun of listening to the whole thing and memorizing where your favorite parts are ;o.

April, 2006. Week 3.

  1. monorisick - hydrothermal formation (side a)
  2. monorisick - hydrothermal formation (side b)

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