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Welcome to Domo DJ, my first attempt at making an MP3 rotation site. I'm not a big fan of MP3 rotation sites, because usually they feature music that I don't like, so I decided to start my own in the hopes of filling a niche that the rest of you, similar to me, may be in. Anyway, the usual rules apply here. The files offered are seriously for evaluation purposes, because most of the music I'm posting is underground hip-hop, or music from a different language (may or may not be underground). For those unfamiliar with these genres/languages, I strongly urge you to check them out. Who knows, maybe you'll like them and support them in the future? Worst case scenario: you'll become a bit more cultured and have broadened your music tastes. Note that the songs are taken down after a week, but they are still archived in case you would like to see what I recommended in the past. To download, right click the link and choose "Save As" or whatever it says in your browser.

Weekly Note: If you wish to contact me, use the form on the "Connexions" page. Requests are fine too, regardless of how obscure you think it is. After all, I did find the two songs used in the GT4 trailer within 24 hours, haha. If you want me to put those two songs up, let me know. They're called Break down and What To Believe by D.S.

June, 2004. Week 5.

cherry filter .:' cherry filter / third eye / flying duck ver. 2
.:' 3:47 / 5.21
I was just introduced to Cherry Filter, and I loved them the moment I heard them. It was good to finally hear something Korean that wasn't Boa, SES, FinKL, and all the other bubble gum pop groups. Not that Boa and the others are bad or anything, but it was time for a change on the scene, and Cherry Filter is the perfect remedy. I love Cho Yoo Jin's... 'Interesting'... Voice, and the melodies of the bassist, guitarist, and drummer complement her voice perfectly. Third Eye is their third album, so if you like them, check out their first two albums, Made in Korea? and Head-Up. Other recommended songs from this album include, Dive, No Peace Yes War?, and Dr. Faust.

cranberries the cranberries / stars... best of / animal instinct ':.
3:31 / 4.85 ':.
It was rather strange how I came across The Cranberries, but I'm glad I did. Their unique style -- what I would describe as being part rock, part indie -- makes them always a pleasure to listen to, and never boring. I love Dolores Burton's smooth yet precise voice, and on a backdrop of electric, bass, and acoustic guitars, it is an almost heavenly combination. The only thing I dislike is that the lyrics of their songs tend to be rather repetetive; it's as if for each of their songs, they create a very delicate and exquisite souffle, only to garnish it with bubble gum. Nonetheless, Animal Instinct, taken at face value, is still quite delectable.

crystal kay .:' crystal kay / crystal lover light / c'mon babe
.:' 3:51 / 5.29
Jamie loves Crystal Kay. So does M-Flo. In fact, Crystal Kay has virtually become the next Lisa for the group, but that doesn't mean she isn't capable of putting it on on her own. C'mon Babe is a very unique mix of Japanese funk, dance, completed with smashing vocals by the one and only Crystal Kay. Overall, C'mon Babe is upbeat, catchy, and quite uplifting at that. Hearing this song, you can't help but get up, clap your hands, and dance to the beat. It's a great song, and, as what I consider a better produced song, stands out quite prominently against the other songs on her album (which includes a variety of hip hop and pop songs).

olivia olivia / internal bleeding strawberry / into the stars ':.
4:22 / 6.01 ':.
Olivia Lufkin is perhaps the most unique pop artist to come out of Japan, simply because of her album names, from Comatose Bunny Butcher, to Internal Bleeding Strawberry, to Return of the Chlorophyl Bunny, and so forth. It's a wonder that she hasn't been diagnosed as being clinically insane (or whoever comes up with those names). The truth is far from that actually, as she has an uncanny singing ability. And she's quite easy on the eyes too ;o. Her songs, are quite simply, in a word, awesome. She shows off her ability to sing ear piercingly (a.k.a. Ayumi), yet well, in the higher octaves in Into The Stars, she mellows it out in Color of Your Spoon (does that title make any sense to you? It doesn't have to, because it's Olivia!), and demonstrates her adaptability in other genres in her industrial song, Celestial Delinquent. Though not world reknown yet, Olivia is definitely an up and coming.

psycho le cemu .:' psycho le cemu / prism / prism
.:' 4:55 / 6.76
At this point, I'm writing this last review at 9:03 AM. Now for most people, that probably doesn't mean anything. But for those of you who know me, there is only one reason why I would be up at 9 AM. So you will understand why it is, when I say: I'm too lazy to write a complete review on this song. Here it is summed up in one line: Psycho Le Cemu is an awesome Jrock group, Prism is an awesome Jrock song, so check them out dammit! lol :)

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