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Welcome to Domo DJ, my first attempt at making an MP3 rotation site. I'm not a big fan of MP3 rotation sites, because usually they feature music that I don't like, so I decided to start my own in the hopes of filling a niche that the rest of you, similar to me, may be in. Anyway, the usual rules apply here. The files offered are seriously for evaluation purposes, because most of the music I'm posting is underground hip-hop, or music from a different language (may or may not be underground). For those unfamiliar with these genres/languages, I strongly urge you to check them out. Who knows, maybe you'll like them and support them in the future? Worst case scenario: you'll become a bit more cultured and have broadened your music tastes. Usually I'll post about 5 songs a week, with probably 2 in English, and the rest in 3 different languages. Note that the songs are taken down after a week, but they are still archived in case you would like to see what I recommended in the past. To download, right click the link and choose "Save As" or whatever it says in your browser.

June, 2004. Week 1.

ping pong .:' ping pong / subtle / spring sponsor
.:' 4:55 / 4.50
It's been a while since I've updated, but that could only mean one thing: A super awesome update! And this time, it's featuring the awesome music of the inspirational film, Ping Pong! Though I was introduced to it by Scott over a year ago, it was not until recently that I had the chance to actually witness the greatness of the film itself. Read the review at IMDB, and you'll get a sense of what I'm talking about. Moreover, one of the key attributes to the movie itself is the inspirational music of Ping Pong. While the songs alone come off as stereotypical byproducts of Japanese electronica, when combined with the vivid imagery of the struggles, conflicts, and emotions of Ping Pong, you can't help but feel inspired by listening to them. Also, because this soundtrack is extremely difficult to find in the United States (you need to go to to get it imported to here), I feel that a good number of people are missing out on some great (albeit earworm-y) tracks from what could be a classic sports film. So here are a few memorable songs from the movie, starting with Spring Sponsor, by Subtle. Although this song wasn't used too widely in the film, it's pretty good even without the backhands of Peco.

ping pong ping pong / sugar plant / rise ':.
6:38 / 6.07 ':.
Although this song starts out slowly, it's pretty good when it picks up. The lyrics are a nice touch, even if you can't understand what they're saying.

ping pong .:' ping pong / supercar / free your soul
.:' 4:19 / 3.95
Free Your Soul is pretty much the theme song to Ping Pong, and it's played in all of the best scenes. Although the song is quite repetitive and simplistic in its beats (it's got your stereotypical trance beat), you can't help but feel a warm feeling inside of you while hearing this song. Through its simple yet seemingly redundant melody, Free Your Soul embodies the subliminal message of Ping Pong, more aptly known as the internal struggle of Peco and the will and life of the sport known as table tennis.

ping pong ping pong / supercar / strobolights ':.
3:25 / 3.16 ':.
Supercar did most of the music for Ping Pong, so it's no surprise that they should come up several times on this. Strobolights, like Free Your Soul, is yet another sticky tune to come out of Ping Pong. Again, it is Japanese electronica. Strobolights is aptly Free Your Soul's counterpart: simplistic in nature, but carries a significant undertone highlighted in the movie.

ping pong .:' ping pong / supercar / yumegiwa last boy
.:' 4:11 / 3.82
Yet another simple song, but what can I say? It's yet another cognitive itch, brought to you courtesy of Ping Pong :D. Yumegiwa Last Boy is a little more slowpaced than the two more dominant songs of Ping Pong, but it's still a good listen.

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