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Welcome to Domo DJ, my first attempt at making an MP3 rotation site. I'm not a big fan of MP3 rotation sites, because usually they feature music that I don't like, so I decided to start my own in the hopes of filling a niche that the rest of you, similar to me, may be in. Anyway, the usual rules apply here. The files offered are seriously for evaluation purposes, because most of the music I'm posting is underground hip-hop, or music from a different language (may or may not be underground). For those unfamiliar with these genres/languages, I strongly urge you to check them out. Who knows, maybe you'll like them and support them in the future? Worst case scenario: you'll become a bit more cultured and have broadened your music tastes. Usually I'll post about 5 songs a week, with probably 2 in English, and the rest in 3 different languages. Note that the songs are taken down after a week, but they are still archived in case you would like to see what I recommended in the past. To download, right click the link and choose "Save As" or whatever it says in your browser.

April, 2004. Week 1.

atmosphere .:' atmosphere / overcast / clay
.:' 3:48 / 3.49
"I can't bring you with me so I'ma leave me here, centuries from now they're gonna study Atmosphere..." From Atmosphere's Overcast album comes 'Clay,' a lyrical journey describing Slug's first travels to foreign Earth. As always, Ant brings bumpin' beats, and Slug brings original lyrics. Although this album came out in 2001, it's nothing like what was on the scene at that time; this isn't youre Eminem, Ja Rule, or Dr. Dre -- it's hip hop the way it should be: all music, no glitter. For hip hop, 'Clay' is a classic, and one of Atmosphere's finest. Check out the 'God Loves Ugly' album for more great Atmos songs, such as 'Saves The Day,' 'Modern Man's Hustle,' and 'God Loves Ugly.'

a tribe called quest a tribe called quest / beats rhymes and life / stressed out ':.
4:57 / 4.53 ':.
"But I swallowed my pride and let that nonsense ride... Because I'm positive it seems that negative dies..." 'Stressed Out,' with its mellow beats, awesome bass line, and soothing lyrics, from A Tribe Called Quest undoubtably rivals 'Acid Raindrops' for the title of "Chillest Song." Bringing the hook is Faith Evans, with her calming voice contrasting nicely against the hip hop stylings of Consequence and Q-Tip, giving the song an effect similar to that of the Spooks' 'Things I've Seen.' "And all I want, is the world to know my steez," says Consequence, and with this song, ATCQ comes out on top.

looptroop .:' looptroop / the struggle continues / fly away
.:' 5:54 / 8.12
"They say, home is where your heart at, don't know where to start at / got loved ones all over, across oceans and borders. / I mean I love to travel, hate to fly, I want to go, but hate goodbyes / plus it's getting worse - Looptroop is on the rise." Looptroop always has creative beats and well versed lyrics, and 'Fly Away' is no exception. In 'Fly Away,' Promoe and Supreme artfully describe the difficulties of trying to keep a girlfriend and keep a profession at the same time. Long distance relationships are always a struggle with which to pull through, but perhaps this song will help put some tension and anxiety at ease, 'cause "I'm gone right now but you won't wait in vain / I'll be back before you know it to put the aches on layaway."

tasha t(asha) / as time goes by / soul flower ':.
3:59 / 3.64 ':.
Baby T, aka Tasha, takes a cover of Spandau Ballet's 'True' to above and beyond with her 'Soul Flower.' Coupled with her excellent Korean linguistic skills is the ability to sing both ballads and hip hop, making Soul Flower a unique synergy of both worlds. Again, I can't speak much for what the song is telling you (because I lack translations to the song -- I looked for them, but not very hard), but Brian (a Korean guy :o) highly recommends this song for T's excellent abilities. It's a weak review, I know :o -- just listen to it and you'll be happy you did.

pacifics .:' pacifics / the september project / step to this
.:' 4:51 / 6.66
"Step to this, just step to this, from the front to the back right left to this... Let your hair down girl let's sweat to this, leaving every cat in here breathless..." 'Step to This' strays slightly from the People Accumulating Creative Ideas Foregoing Ignorant Conclusions of Society's traditional style, in that it's essentially salsa meets hip hop. KP and Rex rap brilliantly over guitar and percussion that after listening to, you can't help but get up and "step to this." A great 'feel-good' song for almost any occassion, and highly addictive -- the tell-tale signs of a must-hear song.

QuantumFoam's Weekly Pick

hi-tek hi-tek / hi-teknology / get ta steppin ':.
4:37 / 4.23 ':.
Ahh yes, finally a true hip hop love song. Off of Hi-Tek's Hi-Teknology, is a track that features both Mos Def and Vinia Mojica. They sing a duet that reminds me of an updated version of a duet by Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole, cept bag the jazz and load up a slick groove that'll make you appreciate your girl that much more. Mos' distinct voice harmonizes quite well with Vinia Mojica, that makes this more than adaquet addition to any Al Green, Luther Vandross, Biggie (Big Poppa) playlist to get things in the mood for well... you know. Go on, and get your groove on.

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